References to life on-line are mixed with the distinct streetwear aesthetics of Wood Wood. The collection consists of hybrids of classics rede ned with contemporary detailing fusing tailoring and performance styling.

Inspired by thinkers such as Douglas Coupland, Ray Kurzweil and Marshall McLuhan, Wood Wood’s new collection touch on the different aspects of human behaviour in a digital age. Fragments of Internet and social media issues are referenced in various wordplays and graphic prints throughout the collection.

woodwood3Reflecting today’s clash of styles and cultures, the collection mixes modi ed formal suiting with 60’s and 70’s references, contemporary aesthetics and sporty details. Key elements include contrast stitching, turtle- necks, V-necks, colourful knitwear and subtle Wood Wood branding.

Signi cant looks on the mens side are the cropped corduroy pants, cognac leather ight jacket as well as short sleeved shirts with 60’s collar in both wool suiting and workwear twill.

For women the collection features A-shaped silhouettes and untraditional lengths on several styles. Key looks include navy corduroy jacket and pants, sleeveless suede dress with V-neck detailing, as well as modernized suiting jacket and skirt in virgin wool twill with raw edges.

woodwood5As previous seasons, the A/W 2016 collection is divided into Street Basics and Contemporary Fashion segments. The Street Basics program originates from urban, sub-cultural environments, and consists of polo shirts, striped knit sweaters, bomber jackets and printed T-shirts.

The Contemporary Fashion segment is divided into three drops during the season with three different themes within the collection. For the first drop we have a printed story featuring ripped pieces of paper and small fragments of text. The second drop is dominated by various stripes, as stripes and colour blocking is a key element in most Wood Wood collections, and finally we have third drop featuring a melange story reflecting television/computer noise and information overload.

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