As the Barbican moves into its 35th year as one of London’s most iconic residential landmarks we catch up with photographer and author of new book “Barbican Residents” Anton Rodriguez. Having lived in several flats within the Barbican over the last five years Anton has seen his fair share of what Barbican interiors have to offer.

During the creation of his latest book Anton explored not just the celebrated architecture of the complex but its residents and their personality with which they showcase their homes. It’s safe to say, Anton knows the Barbican inside out.

Acquiring a flat in the Barbican Estate may seem unobtainable to most, however Anton assures us available flats are just as easy to come by as most communities in the city. “There’s such a mix of people and classes in the Barbican, people from different backgrounds and professions yet they all seem to still appreciated the Brutalist design”.

Flipping through Anton’s book, it is easy to see that the estate is a more diverse community than one might expect.


Although residents have managed to create their own unique space within the estate, most of the flats are all similar in size and design. “I found it really interesting to see how people had changed the space to suit their needs.” Original appliances such as hobs and sinks have also remained in tact in order to retain the original foundation of the flats.

After the success of his first published book, Anton is already working on his next photographic book project showcasing the interiors of the neighbouring primary coloured buildings, Golden Lane Estate.


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Words + photography by Macy Fuquay.