Anna Jacobsen is a Jill of All Trades. You might recognise her work from Instagram, We Are Here Now, where she showcases her tranquil life of food, travel and interiors.

With a background in trend forecasting, Anna knew the corporate 9-5 life was not for her and decided to delve into more creative ventures. Anna admits her “Creative Consultant” title comes from having no other definition for what she does, a struggle that may sound familiar to the slew of creatives in the industry whose skill sets are not confined to a specific trade. In never having a clear career trajectory, it has given her the ability to do what feels good to her in the now and be driven by her inspirations.

As a Hackney resident for the past 13 years, Anna has found her borough and is sticking to it. We had a chat with her about her brilliantly decorated flat, which serves as a channel for her wealth of creative talent.

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Most of the furniture in the flat are things I’ve either inherited from my (Danish) grand parents or things I’ve bought in antique shops when I lived in Copenhagen. The smaller bits and bobs are things I’ve picked up from flea markets all over the place or on my travels. I’ve collected art and photography books since I was a teenager.

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Yes, almost all of them, ha! It’s important to me that the items I surround myself with tell a story… Probably the things most dear to me are the paintings of my grandmother as a child (from the 30s) as well as the oil painting of my great grandmother that hangs above my bed. I also love the Hans Wegner chair in the living room as well as all my plants.

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I’ve lived in Hackney for 13 years now (in four different places), it’s exciting to the see the changes that are happening here on a monthly basis. What I probably love the most is the amazing mix of people from all walks of life, the strong creative community, the great coffee places, the proximity to Victoria Park and Hackney Marshes (especially now when we have a puppy) and that I can cycle everywhere.


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I looked to buy somewhere in Hackney for over a year and a half before I found this flat. I must have looked at over 100 places and put it in the asking price for three flats already (they all went to sealed bids and I didn’t get any of them in the end). House prices were going mental at that point and I really felt that if I was going to buy something in this area it was a ‘now or never’ kind of scenario. I bought this flat off-plan and had to wait nearly two years before it was built and I could move in. It was a risk at the time but it was certainly worth the wait in then end.

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Oh that’s the hardest question! I would more or less anything from Svenskt Tenn, or a handwoven rug by Swedish Märta Måås Fjätterström or an over-sized photography by Craigie Horsfield or Sally Mann. Or an orginal piece of Bjørn Wiinblad ceramics. Or a Giacometti sculpture! The list goes on and on…


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Interview and photography by Macy Fuquay