S. You pride yourself on the fact that you are based in the heart of London’s old spirits industry. How important is heritage to what you do and your brand?

A. There’s definitely a nostalgic element to our spirits production, particularly in our location: we’re the first vodka, gin and whisky distillery in East London in over 100 years (London’s historic home of distilling) and our distillery itself is in a former glue factory. Since we began distilling in July 2014, we have prided ourselves on reviving and refreshing spirit production here using traditional distilling methods, but with a focus on innovation. Whether it’s through our experimental approach in how we make our whisky, to being open and transparent about what goes into our gins, our goal is always to openly engage with the public about what goes into our spirits production.

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S. You run the distillery out of the old glue factory in Bow Wharf. How does the distillery process itself work?

A. Because we’re in a smaller space, we have to really be smart about how we produce our spirits: how much we make, where to store them; all while making sure there’s enough room for us to get on with our daily tasks. It’s a challenge, but I think it adds to a bit of the charm of us distilling in the heart of London.

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S. There’s definitely been a recognisable desire from consumers for more hand-crafted consumables. Why do you think that is?

A. There has been a considerable change in drinker’s habits since the recession in 2008. Spirit lovers have begun to patronise their local distilleries, pubs and bars looking for honest pricing and better quality. This demand for provenance and transparency has given smaller brands like us the opportunity to take on the big boys of booze.

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S. Tell us a bit more about your team. What are some of their favourite brands to wear – or is it strictly slacks and aprons?!

A. We have a fantastic team who are committed to the spirits from start to finish, and, thanks to their diverse backgrounds, bring with them innovative points of view that help us grow as a brand. We get our workers jackets handmade in Norfolk by the Carrier Company and love being supported by Red Wing to shoe the full team with pretty unbeatable shoes!

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S. Lastly, if you had to pick – Gin, or rum?

A.Why choose when you can have both?

Words by Greg French
Photography by Oliver Irwin.