ONAR is the fusion of unlikely matches. In the collections, richness of texture meets minimalism, organic meets plastic, tradition meets futurism and the stark Scandinavian lines meet the mystical. ONAR specialises in leather and shearling garments, accessories and bags. The items are handcrafted in Finland and Greece from prestigious Italian leathers and high-quality shearling. All materials are ethically sourced, vegetable tanned and 100% chrome-free.

onar 3Irene Kostas (b. 1985) is a fashion designer of Finnish and Greek origin. Her design is a homage to club music and modern art, two worlds she is deeply influenced by and that serve as a never-ending source of inspiration and awe for her. The soundtrack of her studio ranges from ambient techno to bunker electro. On weekends, Kostas performs as a DJ.

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