Since 1975, its iconic silhouette has graced the feet of many of the world’s leading musicians and style sub-cultures. From the days of the Manchester Hacienda and the London rave scene to collaborations with some of the UK’s leading design talent, the Kick Hi has left a cultural footprint across the last four decades – and continues to do so until this day.

forty 1

Designed by Hellqvist’s creative partner, Mark Thompson, the Document features interviews with stylist Simon Foxton, a collaborator and wearer of the brand; a contextualisation of the Kick Hi’s denim roots by writer Dean Mayo Davies; the sub-cultural impact of the boot by editor Daryoush Haj-Najafi and a selection of new editorial that celebrates the contemporary wearability of the Kick Hi – including the new anniversary denim model, in homage to the brand’s heritage and history.

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The collaboration with Document Studios presents a unique opportunity for a third party retrospective of the Kick Hi from their unique experiences within the fashion industry. Proud of their past and equally ambitious for their future, Kickers’ Kick Hi boot shows no sign of slowing down. ‘Forty’ is testament to that.