Punk, aristocracy and classic sportswear are the pillars that ground the collection. The tailored hallmarks of privilege and imperialism sit alongside influences drawn from an assortment of working-class subcultures. As is often the case with Our Legacy’s collections, it’s when worlds collide that a new aesthetic emerges.

ourlegacySS17.2“DRAFT” examines the early days of nascent subcultures, before a defined dress code has been established, and style takes the form of rebellion against what has come before. Equally, it explores the effects of social mobility and the blurring of class boundaries in producing a new sartorial dissonance.

ourlegacySS17.3A key reference point is the post-punk, pre-casual moment of the late ‘70s, when British football fans began to incorporate Italian sportswear and high-end designer clothing into their matchday attire.

Disassembled to its component parts, “DRAFT” could be several parallel collections. Instead, these elements are deftly combined in a discordant mix that evokes the emergence of a new subculture.